In Love With My Latest Hoe #Amethystlist


With a return after a little hiatus here is this week’s #AmethystList.

HitMaker Feat. Negus #NozzleUP

Hitmaker Nozzle Up Negus

Raw & Clean Versions of Nozzle Up

This has been a really dope week for me seeing as the previous post was another music video I was in that just released.

Big difference in genres & aesthetics but let’s get into these videos.

I truly admire the ingenious concept of the “Explicit Version” being in Black & White.  Like a Bad Boy remix video almost.  Here we rocked ski masks & repped the gang #Hitgang.

The “Clean Version” I love of course because it’s bright & more playful with a lot more dancing.  Hitmaker & his team Get Millz Records definitely did an incredible job with these videos.

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See the YouTube links for any other special credits.

“Heroine” Official Video

Kaka Heroine

Kaka– “Heroine”

This was a really fun video to do, not just because I love the team but because I’m a sucker for smart marketing.  This video doubles as a commercial for Clore Beauty.  This theme of girls just having a good time in a beauty supply store while this lover boy gives his girl everything she wants is too dope.  With his little sisters handling the choreography.  This playful song deserved the fun energy of this video.

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My First Book ‘Gangster Paradise’

book cover

I remember a book of poems & stories I wrote from the age of 12-16 where I spoke on my first relationships, pain, losing friends & family at a young age.  I called it “Idle Life” and when I got expelled from High School I left the floppy disk in my favourite teacher’s cubby and never heard about it again.

Now as a grown woman at the age of 26 with 3 children in my lifetime I’ve faced a strange path.  I would cry at my young age with depression and can’t really remember being happy as a child.  Facing abuse for a majority of my youth along with aspects of ‘hustling’ from a very early age, homelessness, and then living on my own since the age of 15. By the time I had my first daughter at age 20 I was an overbearing mother.

I was in a sort of dissonance like a deep sleep retaining my environment, any knowledge I could find, music, and whatever else could carry me through. Just going through the motions not looking forward to the future.

I started to wake up around the age 24, noticing that I created comfort in abnormalities that were toxic, and revolving my existence around a partner that wasn’t meant for me. I wrote a Vision Book & started journaling around the moon phases.  Collecting thoughts, setting affirmations, and finding solace in solitude. Once I reached a peak of challenges from my decisions made out of stubbornness which I’ll share in a later conversation I decided enough was enough I recalibrated myself to only focus on creating.

I reviewed my Vision Book in 2016 and said I have these hopes & dreams I cannot attain because I haven’t built an infrastructure.  Recurring challenges caused me to channel those difficulties into Poems & Art.

With over 50+ paintings in my current inventory and over 100 painted just in 2017. Among the visual accomplishments I steady wrote to clear my mind.  It wasn’t until I was brought to “When Brothers Speak” hosted by Dwayne Morgan by my good friend Reesee Ziggazagga that I thought of piecing together all of my poems into a book.  Now I have that exact infrastructure I prayed for & it’s only up from here.

Birthing ‘Gangster Paradise’

Within 48 obsessive hours I put together this E-Book that will soon manifest in a physical copy with 65 poems across 90 pages.  The chapters break down like this:

  1. Introduction: Down In The Delta
  2. The Fog That Sweeps Over Meadows
  3. Coconut Oil & Thoughts Of You
  4. The Shelter of Helter Skelter
  5. Raine Drops In the Summertime & Rivers Blue as The Sky
  6. Secrets of The Cabal, Street Law

‘Down in The Delta’ opens up the story in the sense of my unconsciousness & living life in pilot-mode.  Leading into the first chapter ‘The Fog That Sweeps Over Meadows’ which chases my thoughts of the esoteric & spiritual world.

‘Coconut Oil & Thoughts of You’ is a chapter of love, sexuality, freedom, and fun.  Followed by a more serious topic ‘Shelter of Helter Skelter’ which has poems some I even wrote in the brink of conflict & abuse so it has rawness of my emotions & thoughts.

Then comes ‘Raine Drops In The Summertime & Rivers Blue as The Sky’ is about my daughters that have shaped me as a human being.

The last chapter is called ‘Secrets of The Cabal, Street Law’ which is about a gangster life & my less gentle side.

This book has been one of my most fun accomplishments & I can’t wait to take it to the next level.

(Available for purchase here)


This Is For The Winners #AmethystList

This is for the winners Amethyst List

Welcome to this week’s #AmethystList on Apple Music.

Shout out to all of you pathological manifestors on this beautiful Saturday.

We missed an article last week; quick update of that Amethyst List called ‘Can’t Fake The Funk’ based on some really funky records modern & classic.

Now let’s get into this creation called “This Is For The Winners”  I decided to make my Apple Music list match this week’s Soundcloud list “This Is For The Sinners” with titles & illustration. Meaning you can play them back to back.

This particular list is based on sounds, production & cadences. Like all #AmethystList playlists each song is methodically & melodically placed so it’s shuffle-friendly but sounds really amazing in a chronological order. This title list is in the form of a story & goes like this:


      • Heaven
      • One I Want
      • Stay Blessed
      • Don’t Wanna Breathe
      • She Don’t Wanna Man
      • No Drama
      • Love Scars
      • Me or Us
      • The Life
      • Diplomatic Immunity
      • How U Feel
      • You Got Me
      • God’s Plan

If you want to start dancing right away or listen along while you read here you go. Now let’s get into it.

“Heaven” by Justine Skye off her newly released album called ‘Ultraviolet’ is just the kind of R&B track to set the tone followed up by the similar sounds of “One I Want” by Majid Jordan & PartyNextDoor.

“Stay Blessed” from Bryson Tiller takes us to the theme of a man in love and pouring his heart out followed by Kodak Black’s “Don’t Wanna Breathe” a similar sentiment.

Taking us back with a classic by Curren$y “She Don’t Wanna Man”He tell her balance the cheque book, I tell her roll the weed up. This song is so raw & real.

Up next is the new single “No Drama” by Tinashe featuring Offset. This beat matches perfectly with “Love Scars” from Trippie Redd.

Squeezed into the transition “Me Or Us” a short & sweet track by Young Thug. Moving into a certified LEGENDARY banger from the G.O.A.T. Styles P featuring Pharoahe Monch “The Life.”Amethyst List

A perfect opening for The Boy Drake’s latest single “Diplomatic Immunity” that meshes well into
“How U Feel” by Huncho Jack (Travis Scott & Quavo).

Back again Justine Skye’s“You Got Me” with vocals lended by PartyNextDoor is another promising song off her new album.

Rapping it up I leave you with another single from Champagne Papi called “God’s Plan.”  

Now you know the background behind this sound selection take a listen & don’t forget to follow me on my Apple Music Profile!

This Is For The Sinners #AmethystList


Firm Grip Sink Ya Whole Ship #AmethystList

Amethyst List

Happy New Year!

I’m wishing all of you much success, abundance in every facet of your being, and pure prosperity.

Now that we’re back to the regular programming we missed two article updates on here.  Let me give you a quick update of those #AmethystLists.  We got last week’s list ‘Rock Steady, Glock Ready, My Block Heavy‘ & before that ‘She’s Victorious, He’s Notorious, They Glorious‘.  Some pure fire on each list be sure to save those if you haven’t checked them out yet.

Now let’s get into this baby.  This particular list is based on sounds & cadences. Continue reading

Never Touch The Profit of a Prophet #AmethystList

Never Touch The Profit of a Prophet #AmethystList

Nothern Suzies Want Mollies & Timmies #AmethystList


A fun & playful list to put you in your feels.

Thots Taught Thoughts By Psychonauts #AmethystList

Thots Taught Thoughts By Psychonauts #AmethystList

Let’s start by giving you the definition of a Psychonaut.

“A psychonaut is a person who explores the psyche through the use of hallucinogens or other techniques.”

Cool play on words right?  Okay so let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  This week’s #AmethystList is pretty litty.  It’s all new songs with sick beats, clever lyrics, and an interesting concept not based on a particular theme but a mood I’m manifesting for 2018.  Security.

Now like all of my playlists this is shuffle-friendly but sounds really amazing if you play it in chronological order.  Let’s explore this list we have here:

  • Anointed
  • Provider
  • Yoppa
  • Space Cadet
  • No Security
  • Mediterranean
  • Laying Low (Cooking Up)

If you want to start dancing right away or listen along while you read here you go. Now let’s get into it.

Miguel created yet another incredible body of work called War & Leisure which is pretty much his own genre.  Giving you chills with the first song up like always “Anointed” has lyrics that are just deep as the production.

‘You make me feel like I’m a God. Make me feel like I been Anointed.’

Show me the wisdom in your movement, Frank Ocean with “Provider” follows well with that similar sense of security within an authentic relationship.

Chris Brown featuring Trippie Redd with “Yoppa” is a different type of security of course but it’s the confidence you feel when you know you can protect yourself.  Chris returns with his Christmas Deluxe “Cuffing Season” of HBOAFM.  You guys, this man dropped 12 more quality bangers on top of his recently released 45 song album.  Take that in.

Up next, “Space Cadet” is straight fire it’s off of the compilation tape Quality Control: Control The Streets, Vol. 1 it features Migos, Lil Yachty, Cardi B, and many other artists.  It’s dope.  This song in particular is by Kollission.

I’m on a mission & I just put the fisheye on my tunnel vision. “No Security” by Skepta ironically falls under the same category of security; keeping yourself protected.  Coming from the streets this feeling is liberating.  I love Skepta’s wordplay and clever rebuttals. Check out the chorus…

“We don’t need no security
Stones in my jewellery, what can they do to me?
You murder me I will live for eternity
If I survive then I’m comin’ for you personally
You heard of me.”

This beat falls smoothly into “Mediterranean” by Offset & Travis Scott.  I was expected to lose, I had to pay my dues.  My favourite type of security.  Securing the bag.

This feeling you get when you secure the bag is my utmost favourite especially when you come from humble beginnings & this next song by Sean Leon is the absolute perfect definition of the work that’s put into securing your dreams & manifesting your visions despite current or past circumstance. Flexing with my next of kins and working like a Mexican.“Lay Low (Cooking Up)” a song that is the perfect end for this list. Reminding you to keep your nose to the grindstone.

You can now stream & download this #AmethystList here on Apple Music & make sure you hit follow on my Apple Profile to get all the bonuses & perks.