The Art of Introduction

Who is Amethyst Amaris?

To know who I am you must know what I represent.  I am a holistic creator & healer.  My capabilities expand beyond a paint brush & being a nutritionist. I say holistic creator because I am an artist, musician, dancer, with a natural knack for acting.

I say holistic healer because I am a claircognizant empath that has studied herbalism, natural nutrition, spiritual psychology and am currently studying naturopathy.  I depend on my empathic abilities to heal people.

Let me breakdown my blog history if you’ve been following along my career.

I started my Panacea Café blog back in 2013 I began posting under the alias.  I’ve had many team members along the way but the knowledge & message was mine alone.

I have a grand vision for Panacea Café.

A vision that is being implemented now but it was my mask for a longtime. Hiding my intelligence & too scared to express my educated opinions because I’m still in the process of gaining higher education.

I studied holistic nutrition for 6 months prior to entering school for it but with my interest and healing abilities I grew so passionate about it that I launched my blog. I am far from an expert so I avoided placing my name to anything. My confidence truly sprouted in this past year when I opened up about being an artist.

I was in the midst of self-discovery.

Among my discoveries over my journey I’ve become a lover of self-awareness. The study of self is a responsible conquest in human evolution. It takes away the connotation that an outside source will one day implement the Universal Laws for you without your execution of these laws.

You will not get to the next level without an inward look.  That is what brought me here. With the study of MBTI(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), astrology, numerology, holistic health, Universal Laws and other coexistent spiritual studies I started my workshop “The Self-Alchemy Course.”  You will be privy to this course through this website.

Many podcasts & YouTube videos are along the way to spread the message of consciousness, happiness, & your inherit prosperity.

This course you can access along with a look at study material I have collected over the years via

Now among other things I am developing and ready to share.  I have launched a creative visualization project that will cover daily steps of self-development covering travel, poetry, art, fitness, and much more.

The basis of this website is to distribute, showcase my art & passions for music so you can get to know the woman behind the brands Panacea Café & The Daily Practice Magazine.