Firm Grip Sink Ya Whole Ship #AmethystList

Amethyst List

Happy New Year!

I’m wishing all of you much success, abundance in every facet of your being, and pure prosperity.

Now that we’re back to the regular programming we missed two article updates on here.  Let me give you a quick update of those #AmethystLists.  We got last week’s list ‘Rock Steady, Glock Ready, My Block Heavy‘ & before that ‘She’s Victorious, He’s Notorious, They Glorious‘.  Some pure fire on each list be sure to save those if you haven’t checked them out yet.

Now let’s get into this baby.  This particular list is based on sounds & cadences.

Like all #AmethystList playlists each song is methodically & melodically placed so it’s shuffle-friendly but sounds really amazing in a chronological order. This list goes like this:

  • Run Away
  • Run Away
  • You Glow(Interlude)
  • Ben’ Ova
  • Move On
  • Gangsta Fear
  • To My Bed
  • High Speed Chase
  • Used To
  • Nights
  • Mink Flow

If you want to start dancing right away or listen along while you read here you go. Now let’s get into it.

“Run Away” by DVSN falls into a double intro to set the mood along with Chris Brown’s “Run Away”. The way Daniel Daley’s voice builds up on Nineteen85’s seamless production is one thing but these lyrics hit a core with honesty which is why I paired these two songs together.

Lyrically sampling ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman a song rarely replayed in this way. Funny I’m still finding songs to fall in love with on HBOAFM and apparently there’s more tracks on the way.  
Slipped in for the transition is a poetic interlude from Alicia Keys called “You Glow”. Setting your energy up for some upbeat sound with WSTRN’s “Ben’ Ova”. These guys are straight vibes.


This is where I shamelessly show you my artist Bobson featuring Minz & David Meli “Move On” changing up the keys with a likkle slow wine steel pan type of melody by Santi (aka OzzyB) featuring Odunsi with “Gangsta Fear”. Two really dope Afrobeat tunes I have on repeat.

Next up is yet another Chris Brown song called “To My Bed” this transitions with a follow up of an interlude by Tinashe (queen of interludes) called “High Speed Chase.”

Introducing a little bit of house vibes from Sabrina Claudio’s “Used To” after this soothing dance we move to some ‘kumbaya shit’ entitled “Nights” by Frank Ocean a double treat in one track. I’m a sucker for a song that evolves.
‘Every night fucks everyday up, everyday patches the night up.’

The end of this song has a beat that eases straight into “Mink Flow” by Future & Young Thug. I love, love, love this beat & lyrics. ‘Ain’t letting no money get away from me.’  Nothing better than going out with a bang.

Now you know the thoughts behind this sound selection take a listen & don’t forget to follow me on my Apple Music Profile!


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