Who is she…


“How you gon’ win if you ain’t right within?”- Lauryn Hill

So she focused within.

 Amethyst focused inwardly & discovered her many talents awaiting to be revealed to the world.  When she isn’t busy hosting events, parties and listening to the latest in music her schedule consists of manifesting a larger vision.

Toronto based artist  ”Amethyst Amaris”(Nita King) is the founder of the holistic health blog Panacea Cafe started in 2013.

Nita is a multidisciplinary artist.  Visual, sound & movement.   Her collection is currently growing bigger & bigger! With original and authentic pieces.  Most of which were painted since January 2017.   The style of her art is a new genre she calls “Music Video Art.”  Capturing the essence of vibrancy and vibration through visuals.

With her resume rapidly growing she has hosted two of her very own artshows called ‘Heir’ & ‘Majesty’ the artshows.  Her art has also been featured at AfroChic, ShopsbyCee,  For The Kulture with KarmaxWave, and GoCho Sessions.    


gocho sessions

Amethyst with Lucid Dexterity, Lia Renee, and Marcus C. for @GoChoSessions interview



Art has been the gateway to many new explorations.  But this is just one aspect of Amethyst.

Inspired by being a mother, claircognizant healer, and multidisciplinary artist she created The Daily Practice Magazine in the spring of 2017.  A magazine for the multifaceted population like herself.  The content is to enable people to heal themselves mentally, spiritually & physically with the proper resources provided by the collective of authors on the online magazine.  All while incorporating the awareness we all come from different walks of life. Showing people what’s out there for them to live a life of ‘flow’, harmony, and inspiration.

She uses her gifts in painting, poetry, and music to build a platform strictly devoted to philanthropy.  Priding herself as a Youth Ambassador for the charity Reclaim Your Voice she is a vocal advocate for survivors of abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking.  Nita is also holding space with her ‘Introspection Workshops’ teaching people to delve deeper into themselves through astrology, numerology, MBTI, and natural nutrition.

Amethyst speaking at Abuse Survival

Amethyst speaking at Reclaim Your Voice for the first time!


 As a natural nutritionist who is studying naturopathy she is recognized as a healer. Her views of nutrition, spirituality, and esoteric studies are extremely coexistent.  Allowing her to speak with multidimensional crowds. 

Her knowledge of orthomolecular medicine has been her biggest priority & allowed her to create life changing regimens as she takes steps in building cures to make the lives of those affected by auto-immune diseases healthier & vital.