Convictions to My Addictions #AmethystList

Amethyst List

What’s Your Addiction?

“Shorty let me tell you about my only vice
It has to do with lots of lovin and it ain’t nothin nice” 

Q-tip – Electric Relaxtion

Welcome back!  Last week I skipped the write-up for the last playlist called ‘Wrist Flicking Chemist’ if you didn’t get a chance to check it take a listen it was surprisingly inspired by Breaking Bad and had new tracks from Killy, Sean Leon, Miguel and so much more.

Now here we are with the stand point of the addict vs last week was the chemist (I know I’m clever).  So what kind of vices we talking about?  I tried to focus on the addiction of being loved & being in love but I do touch on money, power, sex, and drugs.

*Just as a disclaimer this is strictly for entertainment and I’m not promoting drug use*

Like every #AmethystList the titles of each song in this particular order tells a story according to the theme but each song is methodically melodically placed so it’s shuffle friendly.  This list goes like this:

  • Love/Hate
  • Monday to Monday
  • Tough Love
  • You Can Stay Here Tonight
  • Rendezvous
  • Wanna Get To Know You
  • Power
  • Addiction
  • How’s It Goin Down
  • U With Me?

Now let’s get into the synopsis if you just want to listen here you go.  For the lovers of music come along this musical journey with me.

First up we have a powerful Intro off of Dru Hill’s Dru World Order called “Love/Hate” I love the vocals but the simple lyrics ‘You can love me or hate me’ is the best way to set any mood.

‘I got my mind on my money nigga from Monday to Monday.  Thinking about my money go to Church on a Sunday.  Popped an ecstacy pills, xans when I wanna.  You can’t talk to me about that good or bad karma.’ These lyrics from “Monday to Monday” by Roy Woods perfectly describes the theme of this list.  Money, sex, and drugs.  This beat reminds me of Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters but has that Caribbean influence you adopt from Toronto.  His debut album ‘Say Less’ just released with more of these vibes.

“Tough Love” is a clever title to follow but an even better song by Chris Brown from my favourite album of the year HBOAFM.

As a transition I placed this little snippet “You Can Stay Here Tonight”  by Tinashe to fall into “Rendezvous” by PartyNextDoor.  The deep production of this song takes you to another place.

Relaxing into a more upbeat tempo here’s some nostalgia with G-Unit & Joe called “Wanna Get To Know You”.  This song rhythmically matches “Power” by Goapele (If you see the connection hats off to you).  Following after that we have one of my favourite songs by Kanye West “Addiction” a very self-explanatory song check the lyrics…

What’s your addiction? Is it money? Is it girls? Is it weed? I’ve been afflicted by not one, not two, but all three. She’s got the same thing, about me, but more, about us
She’s coming over, so I guess, that means, I’m her drugs’

I’m hitting hard with classics but since we discussing love that messes with the mental to a point it must be an addiction who better to break it down honestly than DMX “How’s It Goin Down” featuring Faith Evans.  Followed up by the modern day version by the boy Drake “U With Me?” the best way to finish.

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