Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino

“But stay woke, n*ggas creeping.” Childish Gambino

What an inspiring creative Donald Glover is.  So much so over the summer I was compelled to paint him.  From music, live performing, and his shows I’m always amazed.  Many people say it’s impossible to pursue so many endeavours at once but this gentleman here is proof to how you can create with a holistic approach.

Gilla Tha Don

Tha Don

Gilla Tha Don

“Either go to jail or we dyin’, I’m seeing yellow tape I’m hearing sirens. I done been through it all.”- Hallucinations Remix– Gilla

This painting has been featured in all of my events since my second show in June and is always a crowd favourite. It’s probably my favourite painting to display my style & skills. This manifestation of the talented Rapper Gilla was the first artist out of the Repsup/OVO team I was asked to paint paving the way for my OVO collection that I’m still painting to date.

Being from the east end of Toronto this was an honour because he’s been considered the “Don” for years and if you come from the streets you can’t help but respect him.  He’s responsible for building many careers and opportunities for artists we see flourishing in mainstream media now & is surprisingly humble about that achievement.

 The 3D RepsUp Chain reps the set but nothing reps it more than his music. You can download his latest single here.


Romantic Call

Banana Leaves & Royalty

This painting was a quick manifestation inspired by a combination of the musical artist Patra, the photography of my good friend Reesee Ziggazagga, & the beautiful voice of singer Brent Faiyaz in the song “No one Knows.”



For years I’ve suggested Reesee Ziggazagga to people based on seeing her photography alone. I started modelling at 14 and she’s been the biggest photographer to me since then. I quit modelling at 19 and lost my personal definition of success.  
Since then I had magical babies who look like me (yay) but I was dead on confidence until age 24. My body changed drastically and I wasn’t surrounded by the best of people to support my new beauty as a woman that carried life with proof. Now at 26 I found the woman I am and I’m ready for the gifts of life👏🏼👏🏼

Now if you ask me what do I think success is? This. 

Women empowering women. Enabling eachother to be better through their craft. Setting in stone the winning moments.

Very grateful for the entire team of women that created this magic with me.  


Just a few days before my birthday I was blessed by my sister & the amazing Black Women Bridging Borders group at York University to do a live painting!

She finally came to get the painting & im excited for its new home!

Diamonds that are Black

Inspired by the beautiful duet Zhané from the 90s.   Referenced from the music video “Sending My Love” 

These beauties were featured at “Queendom” an event held by Black Women Bridging Borders at York University. They were sold by the end of the night!!!

Ambition of a Lover

He’s focused on the goal ahead & she’s looking at him.

This piece was created in 2 days & was an invigorating free hand study.  My reference for the male was Metro Boomin of course.  The album I had bumping was THEY. It was just a positive feeling to manifest this particular vision.

Amethyst List

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My Progress

Don’t stress the progress!

‘All Eyes On Me’

I’m in a daze when I think of this creation. Understand me when I say I challenge myself with this art adventure. I’m self taught so a lot comes about as what images make sense in my mind to emulate.  Basically all deriving from memory rather than references.  I didn’t think I could articulate eyes with my paintbrush but I gave it my all.  Can’t wait to further the progression.