“Heroine” Official Video

Kaka Heroine

Kaka– “Heroine”

This was a really fun video to do, not just because I love the team but because I’m a sucker for smart marketing.  This video doubles as a commercial for Clore Beauty.  This theme of girls just having a good time in a beauty supply store while this lover boy gives his girl everything she wants is too dope.  With his little sisters handling the choreography.  This playful song deserved the fun energy of this video.

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Ambition of a Lover

He’s focused on the goal ahead & she’s looking at him.

This piece was created in 2 days & was an invigorating free hand study.  My reference for the male was Metro Boomin of course.  The album I had bumping was THEY. It was just a positive feeling to manifest this particular vision.

Amethyst List

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My Progress

Don’t stress the progress!

‘All Eyes On Me’

I’m in a daze when I think of this creation. Understand me when I say I challenge myself with this art adventure. I’m self taught so a lot comes about as what images make sense in my mind to emulate.  Basically all deriving from memory rather than references.  I didn’t think I could articulate eyes with my paintbrush but I gave it my all.  Can’t wait to further the progression.