The Drip Is The Wave #AmethystList


Another Drippy #AmethystList

“How she gon’ be loyal when she love me for my sweater?”

Mino of 88GLAM – Cake

The theme of this list is a unique feeling not always understood & articulated so I’ll lead the subject.  People riding your wave once you or your affiliations start to get buzz.

You got friends, family, exes, and strangers guilty of faking the funk.  

What’s the greatest response to these type of people?  Keep working.  Keep grinding. Stay focused.

So let’s get to the breakdown of these gorgeous pieces of ear candy.  Like every #AmethystList the titles of each song in this particular order tells a story according to the theme but each song is methodically melodically placed so it’s shuffle friendly.  This list goes like this:

  • Wavy
  • Flipmode
  • Sensei
  • Cake
  • Leaned Out
  • On My Mind
  • Drip
  • Higher
  • Out of Body
  • 12
  • Ric Flair Drip
  • The Essence
  • Cameras/Good Ones Go (Interlude)

So let’s get into this wavy story.  For those who just want to get into it here ya go.   Now for you music lovers out there here’s the synopsis.

I love a good interlude to set the mood & this one is honestly written. “Wavy” by SZA featuring James Fauntleroy.  I obsess over the line Just give as much as you take, forgive as much as you hate or get the f*ck out.’ 

Leading into this breakout single “Flipmode” by Velous featuring the legend Fabolous & Chris Brown.  It has catchy & clever wordplay in each verse.  Followed up comes “Sensei” from Chris Brown alongside A1.   Showing us how it’s supposed to be done because this beat is just fire.

Next up we got 88GLAM “Cake” they just released their self-titled album and I might be bias but XO can’t stop, won’t stop.  I love this duo.  Nothing describes this playlist’s theme better than the line ‘I’m not being ignorant, I’m just poppin.’

Then we have IAMDDB “Leaned out” with INKA. This track has such a Carefree Black Girl feel soothing into Jorja Smith’s “On My Mind.”  I love Preditah’s techno savvy house R&B flavour with her voice.

It wouldn’t be a Drippy playlist without some subs & my new favourite by Luke James “Drip” fits right in.  It’s like if Maxwell & Prince had a musical baby.  Matching perfectly with Emeli Sandé & Giggs taking you “Higher.”

Now…let’s just stand for these godly lyrics on Jidenna’s “Out Of Body” …‘This ain’t really for discussion, she got some hittas round the way, could f*ck around and press the button
And if you know her like I do you know she always into something.  But n*ggas love it.’ This track features Wale & Dot Cromwell a track bigging up a woman doing her thing is always my favourite.  Plus the beat goes in with a hilarious intro.  Jidenna just dropped an EP yesterday called ‘Boomerang’ with a very sexy album cover that has a catalogue of Afrobeats & renditions of previous hits.

Back again we got 88GLAM with “12”.  I just love that line “Santa Claus don’t trust no elves, f*ck you mean I barely trust myself.”  Also, “God Damn they couldn’t stand you,
Now you pulling up different cities they demand you.”

Another Drippy sub “Ric Flair Drip” off of ‘Without Warning’ flows by Offset production by none other than Metro Boomin.

‘Lord thank you for your blessings fam, everyday gotta go that blessing fam.’ Giggs casually giving us the recipe to “The Essence.”

Finishing up with the most self-explanatory of all the boy Drake sings ‘how you mean, how you mean? Thought you knew about the team’ in his classic track “Cameras/Good Ones Go Interlude.”

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